Programs & Curriculum

Our Daily Schedule provides a balance on the following dimensions​:​
  • Indoor/outdoor (weather permitting) includes both small and large muscle activities
  •  Active and quiet play
  •  Play that is child-initiated
  •  ​​Our activity areas are accessible and modified constantly to accommodate the needs of children in our care.
  • We make use of open-ended materials (e.g., blocks,sand, art play, play dough, manipulative, art materials) for children to experiment with.
  • Children are given opportunities to play alone or with one or more choose peers if desired
  • All activités are planned and organized in advance to avoid waiting
  • Cues such as songs, familiar phrases and visual cues are used to support

​​In our program, curriculum plans are based on the observation and documented needs and interest of the children in care.

Our daily group time and activity center plans indicate adaptations necessary for facilitating children with disabilities to meet IEP goals.

All the activities,materials, and equipments that we use promote educational goals through concrete learning. ​Learning experiences in our program support problem solving, critical thinking, communication, and social skills within a meaningful context for the child

We set goals for social/emotional development, cognitive development, English language and literacy development, development of mathematical concepts, development of scientific concepts, self-expression in art, music, movement and dance, dramatic play, health, and physical development

We share with our families information about their child's growth on a regular basis

Our curriculum is based on educator's observations of the needs, strengths and interests of the individual children in care. It builds new experiences and expectations based on children's previously learned knowledge and skills. We at Stepping Stones work out best to be intentional in the methods used to support children's learning.

  • Goals of our program are adapted to meet INDIVIDUAL NEEDS.
  • Our curriculum goals and activities are based one the individual  needs and interests the children enrolled,allowing for a range of abilities.
  • Each child in our program is viewed as a unique person with an individual set of interests and preferences.
  • Requiring completion of closed-ended tasks are not encouraged​